This was another test that came out way better than I intended. This time I approached it with a pure black ink drawing and just watering it down to achieve a grey scale drawing. I then coloured it using photoshop, mainly on multiply layers beneath the ink drawing. Final highlights were done on top of the ink layer.
'Human Skull with Bugs' Ink and Photoshop


This was a painting I did for a fun challenge over at the OzComics facebook page. It was basically along the lines of the 'covered blog' and you just re-interpret a classic comic cover in your own style. Naturally, I chose the greatest cover artist of all time, Mike Mignola.

This time I changed the process a little and painted the image entirely in sepia tones using Raw Umber, Burnt Umber and a 50/50 mix of black and sepia ink.

All the colour work was done in photoshop using multiply and colour layers. I really like how vivid some of the colours come out whilst still retaining the painterly feel. Not a complete win, but a half decent image none the less.
Ink, Watercolour and Photoshop


This is my latest finished artwork, using the digital and traditional techniques I trialled in the previous image. And for the really boring people, I even included a before and after image from traditional to digital...

'HELL BAT' Ink, Watercolour and Digital


I've been really struggling this week with digital painting. I feel like it should be easy, but it's bloody, bloody hard. In the past I have generally just used it like a digital colouring kit and not really ventured into the realm of digital painting. Anyway, to try and make some sense of it, I've been playing around with some new methods which are a mix-mash of Justin Gerard, Dave Kendall and William Stout.

For those that care, the traditional part of this experiment used 50/50 black and sepia ink with lots and lots of raw umber watercolour to create a kind of sepia toned image. I then used thin washes to build up colour in a few places, particularly the bat. On the digital side, I used lots of multiply layers for the dark bits and a combination of normal, overlay, and soft light layers to create the highlights.

Pretty damn pleased with the results and definitely I direction I want to explore more keenly!

'HAIL SATAN' Ink, Watercolour and Digital


With Halloween approaching, it's a good time to seek out Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge and read it! One of the best horror novels of the last decade. Below is a homage to the book, I whipped up today.
Biro, Brush Pen and Photoshop


I was recently commissioned to draw a zombie portrait of Charlie Higson (anyone who watched UK TV in the 90's will know him from The Fast Show) and I was pretty chuffed how it came out. The original drawing was rendered in marker pen and plain old biro. Colours in photoshop.
Cheapy Biro, Marker Pen and Photoshop


I ran a little mini poll on my facebook page to come up with a 'normal' character that I could then re-imagine as a darker something. I was dead set on doing Tron, but it seemed way too easy to keep that lighting scheme and do something horror, so I challenged myself with Rupert! Hope you like it...
Ink, Wash, Acrylic and Photoshop


A double page spread for Black Static magazine (issue 37) for the short story 'When Charlie Sleeps' by Laura Mauro.
'When Charlie Sleeps' Ink, Watercolour and Digital Collage


Continuing with the zombie theme, I whipped up this Zombie Gambit sketch in a couple of hours last night. I thought about fannying about with photoshop, but left it just as it is.

Dip Pen, Brush, Ink and Watercolour (2 hrs)


I know zombies are some what over done, but I'm going to working on a great little comic short soon and wanted to warm up with some dead stuff. Here's the first experiment:


At last, an update.

I had a long post planned about how I became disillusioned with the art game and realised I'd pigeon holed myself as a particular type of artist that left me with commissions I had no enthuasism for.

However, that's all pretty boring, so lets just bring on the artwork. I'm trying to loosen up my style (hated the super detailed, ultra static work I was doing) and get a bit messy so I really enjoy the creating of the artwork. I'm also very focused on doing comic books and have a little project coming shortly with Japser Bark (2000ad, Games Workshop, etc).

In the meantime, here's some 80's goodness: Mad Max, Thundercats and a Batman!


To anyone who played Diablo back in the day (and pretty much any RPG digital or paper based), the concept of leveling up is a familiar one. Well, it works in art too. The more I draw and the more I focus on trying to learn something new with every piece, the more I feel like my art levels up. In short - it gets better.

I wanted to share a crop of my current work in progress because I think it represents a clear 'level up' from my other work. This piece is a result of going back to basics (flexing the anatomy and drawing skills) and concentrating my efforts squarely within the RPG field. Sure, it's still early days, but hopefully I'll be unveiling the finished artwork by the end of the week and dropping a bunch of skill points into my traditional and photoshop skill trees!


After some deliberation, I gave the site a bit of an overhaul to get some new work online (and remove some crappy old stuff) and start the blog(gy) new(sy) section of the website. I like the idea of using a blog to add sketches and nifty bits and pieces of art that interest me. I'm also going to do some process posts - I know, I know a little bit grandstand(y), but it's as much about me recording the way I do something than showing the light to others (for that, I can highly recommend the Muddy Colours blog).

Also, I have some up coming work with Eschaton Media (Dystopia Rising 2) and will be the cover artist for a well known RPG zine in May (more details when I can release them). So I should have some actual news.

Anyway, if this is the first time you've dropped by - Pleased to meet you and feel free to have a look a round and if you're really bored you can drop me a line (I love to chat about anything art, comic, rpg and dodgy 80's cinema related!).

To get you started, here is the latest from my sketchbook: